3 words that Colin Kaepernick's Girlfriend dedicated to NFL during the QB's journey

During his media tour to announce his interest in returning to the NFL, Colin Kaepernick thanked his girlfriend for her support.

Nessa has stuck by Kaepernick through thick and thin. Video of Colin's training at Nike's Portland headquarters was recently posted.

In the video title, Nessa wrote "DISCIPLINE. DISCIPLINE. DISCIPLINE." to the NFL. 

She also used hashtags to illustrate what was happening and Kaepernick's preparation.

Kaepernick has been training as usual and is a Nike brand ambassador with the phrase "STILL READY" to get back on an NFL squad 

4:30 AM WORKOUTS #STILLWITHKAP" Kap received Nessa's backing again.

Kap fans are still supporting for him despite his struggles "It sucks he gotta prove himself again 

it's obvious he's good I hope he ends up on a team that showcases him a lot probably Washington" remarked one. 

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