5 massive trade offers for Mike Trout this winter, according to MLB rumors

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Angels will not deal Mike Trout. Robert Murray, one of our own MLB insiders, investigated potential trade possibilities but found that they fell short of his expectations. 

Murray is correct that no team would be willing to take on both Trout's contract and the potential trade return in order to obtain a player of this caliber, thus he is right in his judgment.

To be honest, no one can truly prohibit me from making deals for Trout because I exist in a hypothetical universe.

 However, allow me to convey the information before me before I drive the majority of baseball fans insane. This is according to Murray:

"There are several reasons why a trade is unlikely. First off, Trout is incredibly devoted. He intended to spend his final seasons with the Angels when he signed a 12-year, $426.5 million deal. 

He desired to be in Anaheim, and all signs point to his desire to stay with the team. If team owner Arte Moreno notifies Trout that he's choosing a multi-year rebuild, perhaps that changes.

But Moreno has usually shied away from reconstruction and instead prefers to be competitive, with the exception of a historic deconstruction in mid-August.

Shohei Ohtani, a Japanese baseball sensation with the Los Angeles Angels, has missed his turn at bat in Major League Baseball due to a right oblique injury. 

$300 million failure of Indiana Jones 5 means that Harrison Ford's three franchise exits were all box office flops. 

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