6 Ways Phases 4 & 5 Of The MCU's Original Phase 1 Would Have Changed

If Marvel had stuck to its original Phase 1 plan, Ant-Man may have played a different hero role in presenting Kang the Conqueror,  

potentially leading to a better MCU outcome. Iron Man's film franchise may have continued into Phase 4,

with Iron Man 3 perhaps serving as an entry in that phase, making him the MCU's current face. 

Captain America's influence would continue to affect the MCU, while Iron Man may not be as revered  

with Hank Pym's Ant-Man or Doctor Strange casting a shadow over the Multiverse Saga instead.  

Shang-Chi's story may have been completed by Phase Hawkeye, and Nick Fury's shows may  

not have been developed because their characters had already had their moment in the spotlight during Phase 1.  

If Marvel had committed to its initial Phase 1 plan, the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have faced a very different world for Phases 4 and 5.  

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