Aaron Rodgers responds to Keith Olbermann's injury joke Receive your fifth booster

The vast majority of football fans were disappointed by Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury, but one person seemed to revel in it.

When Rodgers was wounded, former ESPN and MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann mocked Rodgers' attitude against COVID-19 immunizations.

Rodgers was reminded of Olbermann's words during his first interview since the injury on "The Pat McAfee Show" on Friday.

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The four-time MVP took Olbermann's comments in stride and responded with his own dig.

Rodgers was a vocal opponent of coronavirus vaccine mandates. 

He recently mocked Moderna while watching Novak Djokovic play at the US Open. 

Rodgers used a goat emoji next to Djokovic in an Instagram story and captioned "#NovaxDjokovic."

Rodgers' Achilles burst on his fourth play as a New York Jet; he hadn't even completed a throw.

Kevin Costner is said to have left 'Yellowstone' for this reason.

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