According to specialists, the strange lights seen in earthquake films from Morocco may be a long-reported occurrence.

Videos taken before Friday's 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Morocco show "seismic lights," which have been reported since ancient Greece.

Although there is currently no agreement on what generates these bursts of dazzling, dancing light in various colors, John Derr, a retired geophysicist who once worked for the US Geological Survey,

says that they are "absolutely real."  He is a coauthor of numerous academic works on earthquake lighting.

He wrote in an email that "seeing EQL depends on darkness and other favorable variables."

He claimed that the recent Moroccan footage posted online resembled the earthquake lights seen on security cameras after the Pisco, Peru, earthquake in 2007.

Professor of Physics Juan Antonio Lira Cacho at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Peru has examined.

the phenomena and claims that cell phone video and the widespread usage of security cameras have made it simpler to study earthquake lights.

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