Amazon announces Supply Chain by Amazon, which includes restocking physical stores

Amazon expanded its logistics network this morning to allow selling partners to ship bulk products from Amazon 

Warehousing Distribution (AWD) to any sales channel, including physical stores and warehouses, instead of just to consumers' doorsteps.

Amazon says Multi-Channel Distribution (MCD) will let merchants restock all their sales and fulfillment channels 

from a single inventory pool, simplifying supply chain management and reducing inbound shipping costs.

The solution also lets sellers use Amazon's distribution network and technology to control inventory levels across 

MCD is now pilot testing with a group of vendors but will reach all Amazon sellers later this year.

Amazon announced many new services at its Seattle Amazon Accelerate conference this week. Amazon introduced Supply Chain by Amazon, 

end-to-end, fully automated set of supply chain services that will help sellers move their products from manufacturing locations to customers worldwide 

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