Based on your zodiac sign, what kind of ice cream are you?

ARIES Cookies and Cream Aries fights to be first and will fight for the most noble or ridiculous causes.The flavor cookies and cream is also controversial and claims first rights.

Taurus rules the second house of values and possessions, and bulls are known for their weakness for wealth, including gout-causing meals and stable spouses. 

Geminis are terminally indecisive, nutty, and statistically very into threesomes, making this pistachio, cherry, and chocolate trifecta with fruits and nuts perfect for this air sign. 

Cookie Monster ice cream and Cancer have some important traits because they are blue, comforting, and disintegrating. 

Winning is Leo's main need, and mint chocolate chip was born of competitiveness. 

Strawberry Alfred L Cralle, who invented the ice cream scoop and made people's life easier, was a Virgo, surprising no one.

Known as the zodiac's vanilla ice cream cone, potluck party hummus, and parking lot Subaru Outback, Libra is popular, people-pleasing, foundational if not fun, and unlikely to start a war or cause an allergy 

This chocolate, marshmallow, and chopped nut treat, invented during the Great Depression and named for Americans' dire financial circumstances, is a wonderful food analogy for Capricorn. 

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