Cowboys' historic Giants beatdown by the numbers

The Cowboys-Giants game on Sunday night began at 8:20 Eastern Time, 

and by around 8:45, the only question left to be answered was how awful this game would be.

Dallas triumphed in the contest, which is comparable to arguing that the Ice Age was a little brisk. 

The statistics show that the Cowboys delivered a beating that was essentially unmatched in franchise history. 

ESPN Stats & Info reports (Giants supporters, keep your eyes closed):

First since the 1999 Steelers accomplished it to the Browns, Dallas is the sixth club in NFL history to begin their season with a 40-plus point shutout on the road.

The Cowboys became the only club in NFL history to begin the season by blanking 

a team that had advanced to the postseason the previous year by a score of 40 points or more.

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