Donald Trump requests the federal judge in his election conspiracy lawsuit be dismissed due to bias.

WATERLOO - Donald Trump has asked U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to step down from her position because of remarks .

she made while imposing a sentence on rioters found guilty of the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021. Chutkan is presiding over Trump's case over election involvement.

In October 2022, Chutkan claimed to a defendant that her effort to topple the government by force was motivated by "blind loyalty to one individual who, 

by the way, remains free to this day." While rioters are going to prison, she reportedly warned a different defendant in December 2021 that "the architects of that awful incident would likely never be charged."

In a petition on Monday, Todd Blanche, Gregory Singer, Filzah Pavalon, and John Lauro, representing Trump, claimed Chutkan should be excluded from the lawsuit because she claimed Trump incited the violence and should be imprisoned.

In their request, Trump's attorneys stated that Judge Chutkan "had indicated that President Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned in connection with prior instances." Such declarations,

made before the case was filed and without following the proper procedure, are automatically invalid.

Chutkan did not make a decision regarding the request right away, but he did order Justice Department attorneys to respond to the argument in writing by Thursday.

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