One of Game of Thrones' most fascinating features is its large list of contending interests.  

Numerous noble families vie for power, but religious organizations, assassins' guilds, ancient orders,  

and mysterious indigenous species frequently enter the struggle. When Stannis Baratheon arrived at the Lannisters' palace,  

they invoked the Alchemists' Guild's expertise to send the entire army to the bottom of the sea. 

Every event in Westeros has a rich and fascinating history behind it. The main protagonists can hardly sit in a chair  

without being lectured about how some genocidal lunatic butchered a million innocents using mystical animals.   

Many of the characters in the novel are shadows of their former selves, but their fires remain vital. 

Little is known about the Alchemist's Guild's early days. They predate Westeros' aristocratic families and all of the story's events.  

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