Kevin Costner Was Offered $24 Million For Yellowstone Seasons 5–7

Kevin Costner discusses why he turned down a large $24 million payoff for the production of Yellowstone seasons 5, 6, and 7.

For seasons 5, 6, and 7, Kevin Costner received a $24 million deal to remain with Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone is a Western film that is set in contemporary Montana and centers on the Dutton family's flimsy struggle to hold onto control of the biggest ranch in the state. 

The program has been a great success for Paramount and has given rise to a number of spin-offs, including 6666, which is currently in development, and 1883, 1923, and others.

Despite praise from critics and viewers, Yellowstone is scheduled to finish with season 5's second half, albeit that has been postponed due to the current Hollywood strikes.

Costner claims he was given $24 million to stay on for Yellowstone seasons 6 and 7, according to sources close to the actor and his ongoing divorce lawsuit, in order to continue working on the show.

It was not enough to prevent Yellowstone from terminating after season 5, as Costner and Yellowstone creator.

Taylor Sheridan fell out over creative issues, and the actor considered suing an unnamed party due to the show's hasty termination. Check out the quote from Costner below:

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