Live updates: Putin hosts Kim Jong Un at Siberian spaceport: 'Just fight'

Kim Jong Un told Russian President Vladimir Putin at a space base and rocket facility in eastern Russia on Wednesday thatl. 

North Korea would always support Moscow in its "anti-imperialist front" security efforts. 

Russian official media has published some of Kim and Putin's remarks to reporters from their four- to five-hour meeting at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Siberia. 

The discussions offer Russia essential weaponry and ammunition, and allow Kim to shine globally after years of international sanctions.

Kim declared, "A fierce standoff is underway on the global stage between progress and reactionism, between justice and injustice," during Putin's luncheon, calling him "Comrade Putin.

"Thanks to independent forces' common will and strength, (building) a multipolar world is actively developing.

Ukraine and Western military forces were watching the discussions for signs of an arms deal that may boost Russia's war in Ukraine. 

which Moscow has blamed on NATO enlargement. A deal like this would contravene international sanctions Russia backed.

Under pressure from hard-liners, McCarthy opens an investigation into Biden's impeachment. 

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