Loki Season 2: Ke Huy Quan Character Poster

OB, Ke Huy Quan's Loki Season 2 character, has his own McDonald's in-universe poster, building anticipation. 

This episode of Nancy Drew revealed Jane Doe's identity to Ace and Nancy. 

As OB has been extensively featured in Loki Season 2 marketing, his role may expand into the MCU.  

The marketing campaign will reveal more about his character. 

A McDonald's marketing campaign releases Ke Huy Quan's Loki Season 2 character poster, building anticipation.  

In the second season of Tom Hiddleston's Disney+ series Loki, Ke Huy Quan, an Academy Award-winning child performer, joins the MCU. 

The upcoming season will bring back the original cast and introduce new characters, including Quan. 

Ouroboros (OB), Quan's TVA agent, oversees technology and repairs and has a distinctive workstation.  

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