Maleficent: Can Angelina Jolie Save Sleeping Beauty's Villain?

Angelina Jolie's cheekbones are a great place to start, in all honesty. The actress has a facial structure that naturally resembles a patrician woman from an exotic society that Captain Kirk might have visited in an ancient Star Trek episode while wearing a toga. 

But for this job, makeup and special effects were used to create angles on each side of her face that were so sharp that I couldn't get my mind off the idea that her bones may suddenly pierce the flesh above.

The latest Disney movie, a reworking of the studio's iconic 1959 animated Sleeping Beauty from the viewpoint of the villain, features a lot of visual white noise like that. 

The result is a dulling of any of its charms due to the abundance of colors, textures, and CGI effects that flit and glide around the screen (and in 3D). None of these elements are particularly memorable, but they are all pleasant to look at. 

It's similar to a restaurant dish that has too many ingredients that overwhelm each other and produce a flavor that is largely unremarkable.

Jolie portrays the title character, a fairy who sends a princess into an endless slumber and wakes her up with a kiss of true love. You are undoubtedly already aware of that from the well-known fairy tale. 

However, a narrator informs us that we are unaware of the real tale, which explains why Maleficent cursed Aurora (Elle Fanning) and how her hex was lifted.

Maleficent used to be a young, kind-hearted person who coexisted peacefully with all the other magical beings in the area. Even yet, her problems begin when she falls in love with a human and meets him. 

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