Maren Morris reveals she is stepping away from country music

On Friday, Morris released two brand-new songs titled "The Tree" and "Get the Hell Out of Here." 

The new songs are included on Morris' EP "The Bridge," which she described to the Los Angeles Times 

as one of several metaphors as she began "imagining a path out of the world of country music."

These two songs are extremely important to my next move since they capture a time of my life that has been both liberating and righteously angry over the past couple of years, 

as well as how my navigation is finally heading in the direction of the future, whatever that may look like or sound like.  

Morris stated in a statement on Friday that she was "honoring where I've been and what I've accomplished in country music, but also freely moving forward." 

Morris, 33, relocated to Nashville from Texas for country music over ten years ago. According to the publication, 

she composed tunes for country stars like Tim McGraw. Later, she secured her own record deal.

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