Michael Irvin reaches settlement in Marriott lawsuit, returns to NFL Network today 

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin has reportedly reached a settlement in his $100 million defamation lawsuit against Marriott,  

the prominent hotel chain. The details of the settlement have not been publicly disclosed, leaving the specifics of the resolution between Irvin and Marriott private.  

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This legal dispute stemmed from an incident in February where a woman accused Michael Irvin of making lewd comments in a hotel lobby in Arizona  

The allegations led to a lawsuit filed by Irvin against Marriott, seeking $100 million in damages for defamation  

In a separate development, it has been reported that Michael Irvin is set to make an appearance on NFL Network on Sunday morning.  

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This marks his return to the network since the controversy surrounding the alleged incident in the hotel lobby.   

The nature of his appearance or the topics to be discussed have not been disclosed, and as of the report,  

No comment has been provided by an NFL Media representative regarding Irvin's situation with the network.  

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