Moriah Mills' stunning video exposes Zion Williamson as a woman abuser.

Adult film star Moriah Mills has turned to TikTok to make some shocking accusations against basketball superstar Zion Williamson, 

in a revelation that has shocked users across social media. Williamson has been accused of being a woman abuser 

by Mills, who has also revealed details of a purported hush-money agreement intended to silence her.

Mills laments having to defend Zion's reputation while also constantly facing criticism in a video that has subsequently gone popular on TikTok. 

She believes she never received the staggering $62,000 the New Orleans Pelicans player allegedly promised to send her.

She says Williamson has been physically assaulting her since 2022, which just adds fuel to the flames. 

Williamson is shown as a liar in the intense video, despite Mills' insistence that she has "been saving face, reluctant to spill the beans about their relationship until now."

No woman deserves this, Mills writes in the description of a striking Instagram photo of a bruised lady. Zion, 

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