NBA World reacts to Steph Curry's epic 50-point Game 7

NBA personalities react to Steph Curry's incredible playoff performance to move to the second round.

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings' first-round clash was the only one to go seven games. The Kings started the series 2-0 over the Warriors.

 After an early start, the Warriors built a 3-2 lead but couldn't win in six. That gave NBA fans a thrilling game seven between two talented teams.

It was close, but Warriors superstar Stephen Curry may have had the best game seven performance in NBA history.

Curry scored 50 points in game seven, surpassing Kevin Durant's 48. This historic game seven performance captivated the NBA and Twitter.

The second round will feature a Curry-LeBron James playoff duel, a rarity for NBA fans.

Both teams defeated their higher-ranked opponents, but now two of the best players ever will fight. Former teammates Curry and Durant might play in the Western Conference Championship, which would be incredible.

Though inexperienced, the Kings are a great squad. Kerr's series tweaks should alert the West. 

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