Olivia Dunne of LSU rejects critics despite gaining popularity: 'People obviously doubt what I do.'

Olivia Dunne, a senior gymnast at LSU, is entering her senior year as one of the most profitable athletes in terms of name, 

 image, and likeness (NIL) rights.According to On3 Sports, Dunne has the highest NIL valuation among female athletes. 

With a valuation of $3.2 million, she is rated third among all athletes.

While Dunne has millions of followers across several social media platforms and has received more attention as a result, 

she has stated that all she has received is the result of her hard work.

"People definitely discredit what I do," Dunne stated in a recent Sports Illustrated interview.

"People need to understand that I worked hard for everything I have." 

I've spent years establishing an audience, and brands pay me for the reach of the demographic that I provide.

"Dunne has also had the opportunity to help her fellow LSU athletes through the Livvy Fund. 

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