Outlander Season 7 Episode 9: When, Where, and How to Watch a Sneak Peek

After season 6, Jamie and young Ian race to save Claire from being wrongly convicted of Malva Christie's murder. The American Revolution complicates and endangers their goal. 

As the two armies march to war and British institutions fall, Jamie, Claire, and their family are caught in the terrible pains of Season 7. The Frasers' home is changing, forcing them to change too. 

The Frasers confront the hardships of the Revolutionary War to defend their home. That takes them out of North Carolina and into independence, where they must make tough choices that could break their family apart. 

If you've been following this one, you may be intrigued about the first episode of season 7 part 2. Now you know! 

Outlander Season 7 Episode 9's release date, time, and where to watch are listed here. 

Starz offers Outlander streaming. After transmission, the UK can watch this exclusive original series on Starzplay with Prime. It's also on Netflix in some countries. 

Episode 9's release date is unknown, however reports estimate early 2024. For overseas viewers, Prime Video and Netflix offer catch-up, while US viewers can use Starzplay. 

After a brief season 6 due to a virus, Outlander will return to its customary 16 episodes for season 7. For those curious, this has also been renewed for an eighth and final season! 

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