Outlander's creator reveals fresh information about the show's ending during the mid-season 7 hiatus.

Maril Davis, the executive producer of Outlander, has revealed new details about the season eight finale. 

The popular drama is based on Diana Gabaldon's book series, which she is still working on her tenth and last novel.

While Maril said that the show's production team doesn't know "how the actual ending will be," fans may expect some "surprises."

Maril added that the writers will consult with Diana about the finale to ensure that she is satisfied. 

 "Of course, we'll run things by her; it'll have to be slightly different, obviously,

because she's ending it and she hasn't figured out what that is yet, and we'll have to end the TV show."

"I'm excited about it, but we have a few surprises up our sleeves," she told RadioTimes.com, 

adding: "It's tough because we're not finishing the book series, obviously there's one more book." 

everything's difficult to wrap everything up before the books are finished. 

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