Rumors Swirl Around Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Not Being Happy With What Went Down With 'Yellowstone' Prequel, But Are They Legit?

Since the WGA writers' strike and the SAG-AFTRA actors' strike have put a halt to the majority of television and film productions, 

nothing about TV is normal at the moment. But even before that, it was revealed that the "Yellowstone" franchise is currently 

at a hectic crossroads and will be wrapping up with Season 5's conclusion. However, viewers can still look forward to future spinoffs and prequels 

and it's been reported that "1883" stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are upset that James and Margaret Dutton won't be returning for a second season. 

But is that really the case, or is that just a bunch of bull? The idea of "Yellowstone's" expanding world was still a novel concept when "1883" 

debuted in December 2021; originally, it was intended to be a stand-alone season highlighting the Dutton family's ancestry in Montana's Paradise Valley. 

And the main drama itself seemed to double down on its limited lifespan, even going so far as to reveal how James died in a Season 4 flashback. 

However, speculations have emerged that McGraw and Hill are dissatisfied that they won't be able to reprise their roles for a new season now that Paramount+  

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