September 11, 2023, Love Horoscope, During Saturn Retrograde

In today's love horoscope for September 11, 2023, Saturn's retrograde motion is discussed in connection to romantic partnerships. 

Saturn is frequently linked to breakups or people choosing to recommit to their relationships with greater tenacity.

You have dreams about how you want your love life to be, even though you don't always express them out loud. 

 It's time to revisit your previous ideas about love now that Saturn is retrograde in your region of visions, even if it appears unlikely to happen in the context of dating and casual relationships.

You should first establish clear objectives for yourself, and once these are in place, you should try to develop close, personal relationships with the people you want to get to know. 

Pay attention to your spiritual side; it is your inner voice that will guide you in determining if you are on the correct path in love or whether the current relationship is unsuitable for you in the long run.

Today, Chiron in Aries may bring up your past to help you heal and clarify your connections.

Knowing yourself can help you show your loved ones more compassion. This will also enhance your love life because being vulnerable allows others to be vulnerable too.

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