Steph Curry: 'My faith is tested on the court as much as it is in life'

In the fifth episode of "Stephen vs The Game" on Facebook Watch, the Golden State Warriors star guard, noted for his three-pointers, and executive producer of the religion-based film "Breakthrough," discussed his Christian faith.

"My faith is tested on the court as much as it is in life, but it's the part that always keeps me focused on what I need to do for my family, my job, how I treat others, my appreciation for life, and all the good things and how to deal with the bad.

The six-time NBA All-Star writes "Believer" in his Twitter bio and Philippians 4:13 on his sneakers with "I can do all things..."

The investor of Christian sports gear firm Active Faith said, "Faith to me is believing in the unseen and having a conviction that there is a higher power that has given me a purpose to what I am doing on this earth, and for me that is the foundation for how I try to live"

Curry says he looks for any chance to convey his beliefs, but he wants his actions to speak for itself. An Iraqi Christian survives three ISIS burns: Jesus said "Speak to me"

He says he knows life is about helping others through the "Make A Wish Foundation" and other ways.

And "Everything happens for a reason," Curry said. Whether I realize it or not, life has put me in particular situations and given me these experiences. That's my perspective, and it's not just me."

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