Talking to Maril Davis about Outlander's 9th anniversary

As a program reviewer, chatting to the people behind my favorite shows is one of my favorite things, and yesterday I got to talk to Outlander's Executive Producer Maril Davis!  

2014 marked the 9th anniversary of Starz's debut Outlander episode.  

Maril, Ron Moore, Matt Roberts, Terry Dresbach, and Gary Steele were the original "dream team" 

that created the show. We talked about Maril's decade, what she's learned, and what's next for Outlander and her. 

Maril, congrats! Today is the Starz premiere of Outlander! 

You've had it longer. I started writing about the show 10 years ago. How soon did you start planning? 

The origin story of this is that Matt Roberts gave me the books to read since I was searching for a project to work on with Ron, I loved them,  

and we set up a meeting with the rights holders. It went OK, but they wanted to do films, so we left the meeting and I told Ron it had to be a TV show. We left, and I kept peeking back to see if they were interested. One time, they were. Long time. 

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