The $50 million Dtap gives NBA great Ja Morant 7-word advise to drop $7,600,000. Chris Rich Brown

Ja Morant had a turbulent NBA season last year, there is no denying it.

Morant's reputation suffered significantly as a result of the numerous accusations and the gun incident that it generated.

And it appears that he will be made to pay for it throughout the upcoming regular season as well.

With Devonte Pack, also known as DTap, his lifelong boyhood pal, receiving a 25-game suspension. 

NBA greats and even commentators have given Ja Morant various kinds of advise. Chris Brown, a singer who is worth $50 million, was the most recent person to give him advise. 

For brandishing a gun on Instagram Live in March, Ja Morant was suspended for eight games. 

After the incident, Morant apologized in front of the public before going back to his previous behavior on social media.

The second incident prompted the league to conduct a thorough investigation. A 25-game penalty was ultimately decided upon. 

$300 million failure of Indiana Jones 5 means that Harrison Ford's three franchise exits were all box office flops. 

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