The Impossible Cake from Mexico Flavorfully Defies Baking Logic

The names of some sweets can be misleading. The name "Baked Alaska" is misleading. Hummingbirds aren't actually present in Hummingbird Cake.

And there's absolutely no comparison between a belt buckle and a Buckle Cake. However, 

the term "Impossible Cake" is completely appropriate for a dish that originates in Mexico.

 The delectable treat defies reason and goes by the name chocoflan. The puzzle is this:As the cake bakes, the layers flip over.

A bundt pan with a chocolate cake layer and a flan layer in it is placed in the oven. (Before adding the cake batter,

some recipes have you spread a layer of caramel on the bottom of the pan.) The chocolate cake layer will be on top when the cake is taken out of the oven.

While it's entertaining to think that magic dust plays a role in the ebb and flow of the layers, there is really a scientific explanation. It's all a matter of gravity, really. 

Briefly said, chocolate cake batter is more weighty than flan. It's dense enough before cooking to hold a flan layer, but after baking, the cake layer rises to the top since it's less dense than the flan. 

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