“Top-tier films tend to do that”: Halle Bailey Makes $250M More Than 1989 Disney Animated Film

The Little Mermaid live-action movie from Disney has finally eclipsed the overall box office earnings of the original animation film. 

Despite a lackluster opening, the Halle Bailey-starring movie hit a significant milestone in its first week.

The first animated movie, with Jodi Benson as Ariel's voice, was released in 1989. 

The Little Mermaid, which is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, helped Disney animation regain its former fame.

According to a Collider article, The Little Mermaid from 2023 has earned more over $250 million globally, outpacing the $211 million taken in by the first movie.

Due to a slow start at the foreign box office, the most lucrative part of the most recent adaptation's earnings came from its home debut.

The fact that the majority of Disney's live-action films performed better abroad than they did domestically was.

A clear indication that The Little Mermaid's marketing team should push for further marketing strategies.

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