Travis Kelce delivered a witty warning about Taylor Swift's romance.

NFL great Travis Kelce is "quietly hanging out" with Taylor Swift after finally meeting the pop icon a few weeks ago in New York City

- and prominent sports commentator Pat McAfee is excited. 

According to The Messenger, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Swift could be dating, as Kelce's perseverance may have paid off.

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 He went to her Era's Tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium, and the two-time Super Bowl champion

tried to see her backstage in order to present her the handmade bracelet with his phone number.  

Kelce, on the other hand, was devastated to find that Swift does not speak for an hour or so before and after her show in order to maintain her voice. 

Regardless, the story went viral as fans yearned for the couple to be together - and the fledgling romance is said to be in its early stages.

Kevin Costner is said to have left 'Yellowstone' for this reason.

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