Under pressure from hard-liners, McCarthy opens an investigation into Biden's impeachment.

Tuesday saw the announcement by Speaker Kevin McCarthy that he has given the go-ahead for a Joe Biden impeachment investigation by House Republicans.

McCarthy made a brief formal speech at the U.S. Capitol, "Today, I am directing our House committee to open a formal impeachment probe into President Joe Biden." Reporter queries were not answered by him.

McCarthy had previously said that, as in the past, a vote by the entire House would be required to launch an impeachment investigation,

but as of Tuesday he didn't seem to have the support necessary to do so. A McCarthy representative told ABC News that McCarthy does not anticipate holding a vote to begin the impeachment investigation.

He declared on Tuesday that "this natural next step" would give his committees "complete authority to acquire all the data and answers for the American public." 

"The solutions are precisely what we seek to learn. The president, I think, would also want to respond to these inquiries and claims.

McCarthy announced that the investigation will be led by the chairs of the House Oversight Committee,

WATERLOO - Donald Trump has asked U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to step down from her position because of remarks .

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