Universal Studio Group Cancels Seven Bucks Deal With The Rock

Due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, Universal Studio Group has halted its ongoing agreement with Seven Bucks Productions, the production business owned by The Rock.

Details about the suspension of contracts between Universal Studio Group and "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video studio and Seven Bucks have been made public by "The Hollywood Reporter". 

According to the article, Universal Studio Group had conversations with production firms about providing services other than writing. 

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Universal Studio Group — which includes Universal Television, Universal Content Productions, and Universal Pictures, among.

Other divisions — reached out to its remaining writing and producing partners Monday to see if they were comfortable with contributing non-writing services, according to the report. 

"Those who agreed to continue working and still have active scripted or unscripted projects are not being impacted."

The report went on to say that businesses were suspended if they had either completed their production job or refused to supply services beyond what was agreed upon in writing. 

The writers went on strike in May because they believed they were being paid too little in streaming residuals. They also demand that production firms refrain from using AI to speed up the writing process.

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