Why Gen X Dads Can Appreciate Olivia Rodrigo

Six-year-olds are careless little obsessives. Some flashy thing—these days, 

they all seem to involve dogs and the police—grabs their attention and, 

for a very short period of time, nothing else matters. The fever breaks as soon as you finally pull out your wallet 

and buy the action figure or lunchbox or whatever else they’ve been asking for. 

The toy gets tossed, and then it’s on to the next law-enforcement animal trend. 

My daughter has gone through every fixation, including “Octonauts,” “Paw Patrol,” and Pokémon. 

She has read multiple book series about moody dragons. Still, every obsession has been entirely disposable to her.

The only thing that seems to have stuck is the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” 

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