Why I Feel More Attached To 1883's Finale After Yellowstone's 1932 Prequel

With Isabel May's Elsa Dutton taking an arrow through the torso, 1883's "Racing Clouds" at long last fulfilled the gloomy foreshadowing put up in the Yellowstone prequel's opening minutes. 

Fans have been anticipating the return of that possibly fatal scene and the events that would follow it for the whole season.

Now that both of Elsa's parents have begun making preparations for her passing, we know that things aren't looking good for the young girl who now appears to be on the verge of death.

And while I wish I could be as upbeat as Elsa about things, the recent 1932 prequel announcement from Paramount suddenly looks even more frighteningly predictive about her future.

As obvious as it was, the penultimate episode of 1883 concluded with the oldest Dutton child saying outright that she knew she was going to die. 

And kudos to Taylor Sheridan for arranging things in such a way that her survival would necessitate circumstances that were almost miraculous, giving supporters the tiniest shred of hope. 

The large announcement video for Sheridan's expanding fictional universe, which was sent straight to the service's customers, may have already dashed those aspirations a few days before the episode's air date.

Taylor Sheridan provided the following explanation in the video while discussing the recently confirmed existence of the time-traveling 1932 spinoff:

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