Yankees hoping $162 million in free agency wasn't wasted

The New York Yankees are a squad that simply won't stop, especially considering their $270 million+ payroll. 

The goal of the following season, according to general manager Brian Cashman, is to overhaul the squad in order to increase 

increase the team's chances of making the playoffs in 2024. Extraction of every last bit of value from their massive $162 million 

investment in pitching during the previous offseason is a crucial component of their aim.

a second income of only $18,000 from investment The 30-year-old starting pitcher Carlos Rodon hasn't exactly performed up to the standards this season,

especially after his electrifying runs with the Chicago White Sox and San Francisco Giants. He has a 6.14 ERA, a 5.59 xFIP, 8.77 strikeouts per nine innings, 

a 71.4% left-on-base rate, and a meager 26% ground ball percentage across 51.1 innings this season. To put this in perspective, 

he pitched a career-high 178 innings with the Giants only last year after pitching 132.2 innings in 2021.

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