'Yellowstone' Season 5 Episode 8 Teaser Jamie Wants to Remove John Dutton form office 

In Season 5, Episode 7, “The Dream Is Not Me,” the Dutton ranch had financial and livestock issues and a tragic flashback. 

After realizing that his cattle may have brucellosis, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) asks Rip (Cole Hauser) 

to take half the herd south for the winter. Rip invites Jake (Jake Ream), Teeter (Jennifer Landon), Ryan (Ian Bohen), 

and Walker (Ryan Bingham) to join him in moving cattle, but the ranch celebrates at the State Fair beforehand. John and Summer (Piper Perabo) kiss, while Ryan and Abby (Lainey Wilson) break up. 

which is in great demand and makes a lot of money, instead of cattle. When John dismisses her unconventional ideas, 

she adds, “I really thought the airport would be the end of us, but your business model — 

Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) discuss impeachment and ultimately agree on a plan to get him on the governor track and bring back the airport agreement. 

The episode concludes with Jamie preparing his John Dutton takedown speech for Sarah, therefore the Season 5, Episode 8 teaser concentrates on Jamie's next steps.

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